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Events We are approved once again
Our company has been awarded as "Xinxiang City pavement recycling equipment Engineering Technology Research Center".

To spread propitious omens worldwide and to requite the world with good virtue.

Our Products

Microwave Recycling  Vehicle
Use microwave heating asphalt concrete pavement, Heating area from 1.3 to 3.2 square,heating depth More than 10cm.  Read More
Asphalt Concrete Hotbox
The equipment integrates asphalt recycling heater, asphalt concrete hotbox and emulsified asphalt sprayer in the same chassis.  Read More
Asphalt Concrete Recycler
Used for waste asphalt concrete mixture recycling, can renewable 800kg mixture in 20 minutes.  Read More
Asphalt Concrete Mixer
Mainly for on-site supply of hot asphalt concrete. PLC touch screen control the components running states.  Read More
Pavement Patcher
Jet-type Patcher is a professional road repair equipment for pothole repairs.Using our patcher,you can fix a one-square-meter pothole in 5 minutes with only one/two operators.  Read More
Blue Flame Asphalt Heater
Unique blue flame heat regeneration technology, rapid heating to soften the asphalt pavement.There are portable,trailer, foldable, heating area from 0.4 to 3.2 square.  Read More
Crack Sealing Machine
Treatment for irregular cracks in asphalt pavement and joints, and cracks in concrete pavement of highways, national and provincial roads, county roads, municipal roads, parking lots, toll stations, airports and other road diseases.  Read More
Pavement Router
The product is applied to asphalt and concrete pavement crack grooving tasks.Routing depth:0-50mm,Routing width:10-50mm.  Read More
Road Sweeper
The equipment has high work efficiencylow using costs, can complete variety of cleaning transportdust removal function.  Read More
Snow Removal Equipment
Suitable for highway、city road、airport、square、scenic road snow removing tasks.  Read More
Asphalt Distributor
This device is equipped with a the asphalt heating insulation tank、high-pressure bitumen pump output system、clutch gearbox、heat conduction oil circulation preheating cleaning device、hydraulic lifting telescopic device、asphalt distributor nozzle device, the whole device structure is compact, easy to operate.  Read More
Solar Mobile Electronic Sreen
It is mainly used in expressway,traffic control,on-site dispersion and all kinds of emergency events,present command,road construction,assembly and other real-time information rolling broadcast.
 Read More
Road Marking Equipment
Widely used for marking construction in road,parking lots,squares and runway.  Read More
Small Construction Equipment
Concrete cutter using the diamond blade, cutting speed fast, cut flat and beautiful.  Read More
Crack Sealant
sealants have unique characteristics including waterproof, caking property, elastic-plastic, high temperature stability, low-temperature flexibility, durability and anti-embedding. Under natural changes of the climatic conditions and repeated vehicle axle load, they can achieve longer road performance without early aging.  Read More
Waterproof Membrane
The product not only for asphalt road base, but also for the conservation of cement pavement base, also apply to white to black, black to black, road base crack repair, bridge deck waterproofing and other projects.  Read More

Company Profile

REED (XINXIANG) ROAD INCORPORATION LTD. is a joint venture enterprise which is integrating production, marketing, technology research & development etc.

Company Profile We mainly engaged in production of road maintenance equipment and materials, our products have been widely used in our highway authority system, highway system, municipal road system and airports etc.
Our sales network have covered all provinces and regions in China, and further exported the products to the Asia-Pacific region. We have established long-term stable cooperate relationship with customers from Europe, Africa, Oceania and other regions of the World.

In addition to the existing product series, we also provide different services which including resale, processing, new technology introduction and transfer of scientific and technological achievements etc. Persist in the principle of equality and mutual benefit basis, we are all out to do the best effects to fulfill the contract and maintain the business integrity.
We can fully satisfy your needs, and we look forward to working with you the soonest.


Our Products

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